Division for YOUTH



""For every Samoan youth to have the freedom to enjoy all human rights, with equal access and opportunities to participate & contribute fully to all aspects of development"


"To advocate and establish programs designed to enable the spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, social and economic development of Samoan youth; thereby empowering them to achieve a better quality of life for themselves, their families, their communities and the nation


1. Coordinate and implement the TALAVOU Program and ensure that the

    Program will be continued by Government after four years

2. Develop, facilitate & coordinate programs to improve the self worth of young people and build their physical and psychological capacity

    Coordinate National Peer Education programs

3. Coordinate the Samoa National Youth Week

    Coordinate the commemoration of the international Youth Day

4. Foster flexible and inclusive learning environment conducive to school retention, skills formation and career choice for young people

    Conduct ongoing skills development programmes for young people

    Strengthen Second Chance Education Initiatives


Division for Corporate Services

Corporate Services


Ensure timeliness of budget preparation and provide ongoing monitoring advice on all financial and budgetary matters.

  • Compile Ministry's Annual Budget & Forward Estimates
  • Manage and Control Overall Budget Performance
  • Monthly review & advice on budgetary spending and cost0recoveries
  • Coordinate quarterly and six monthly budget reviews, and provide monthly budget reports to Output Managers

Coordinate Human Resource Management & Development

  • Coordinate Staff Training and compile Ministry's Training needs
  • Develop Performance Management System for the Ministry's Staff
  • Coordinate and Implement the Recruitment & Selection process
  • Coordinate the orientation program for newly recruits
  • Develop the Capability Plan and Human Resources Development Plan

Provide support services to all Divisions in adminstration matters

  • Procedural Manuals - Accounting & Finance and Administration manuals
  • Monitor Staff Leave and Attendance, Preparation of Leave reports
  • Provide advice on Finance, Human Resource & Administration matters
  • Petty Cash Management, Payroll & Wages processing
  • Records Management and Mailing systems
  • Operational Policies: Vehicles policy, Telephone, internet & email policy
  • Information Technology: MWCSD Website & Network

Ensure appropriate management and allocation of the Ministry's resources

  • Procurement & payment processing for Tooa Salamasina Hall, Pulenuu
  • House - Apia, Manutoao-Salelologa, Savaii Women's Center Salelologa
  • Operational Policies: Vehicles policy, Telephone, internet & email policy


Division for PRINTING



Provide technical advice on printing enquiries

Consult on regular basis with Ministries on services requirements to see how best their printing needs may be supplied

Provide technical advice on latest printing technology for use

Adopt the latest printing technology to boost production

Meet the printing requirement in terms of timeliness, quality and price

Provide quality, timely and affordable printing services for Government and private customers

Provide technical capacity building for staff

Promote and market printing products

Specialised in the following Printing Services:

01. General Printing     
      Letterheads, Business Cards, Receipt Books, Invoice Books, Invitations

2. Publications (4 Color)     
    Annual Reports, Budget Statements, Approved Estimates, Brochures, Posters & Newspapers

3. Bookbinding     
   Perfect binding, Spiral binding, Saddle stitched, Side stitched, Old books & magazines for rebinding

4. Provide free quotations and advisory services to Government Ministries and private Customers

5. Adoption of latest printing technology
   E.g. 4-colour separation Imagesetter, 2 x 4-colour Ricoh Af5560 Digital and a 2-colour GTOZP printing press

6. Liaise with overseas printing suppliers regarding procurement of good quality printing materials            

Research, Policy / Planning & Information

Research p planning

Ensure the provision of policy advice that is in line with national objectives

  •  Strategic policy development analysis and reviews in line with national and sectoral strategies
  •  Coordinate and implement strategic policy processes and frameworks

Ensure the development of the Ministry's plans to be consistent with national objectives

  •       Preparation of Annual Reports
  •       Preparation of Annual Reports, Management Plans, Corporate Plan,

Provide secretariat to the Community Sector Plan - Steering Committee

Coordinate research and surveys on recommended issues to support policy development and programme interventions

  •        Update Ministry's existing databases on - Village Profiles, Statistical
  •        Profiles of Men and Women in Samoa, Directory for Women, Directory for
  •        NGOs, Gender Disaggregated Database
  •        Pilot Surveys on recommended issues

Coordinate and manage information systems and ensure effective dissemination of information on the

Ministry's ongoing programmes and developments                                                                          

  •        Centralised Gender Disaggregated databases
  •        Library/Resource Center
  •        Production of Ministry's Monthly Newsletter
  •        Conduct fortnightly Radio Programmes

Coordinate monitoring and evaluation processes for the Ministry's policies, plans and programmes

  •         Monitoring and Evaluation Framework / Processes
  •         Gender Management System (GMS)
  •         Social Impact Assessments




Promote good governance in villages through strengthening capacity of Pulenuu, Sui o le Malo, Komiti o Pulenuu and Komiti o le Faleula

Ensure security, peace and harmony within communities through Pulenuu and Sui o le Malo

Develop effective Performance Management System (PMS) for Pulenuu, Sui o le Malo, Komiti a Pulenuu and Komiti o le Faleula

Promote food security within the community - e.g. Food crops, fishery resources, forestry program

Promote the sustainability of traditional and cultural initiatives through the work of the Komiti o le Faleula

Identify relevant policy issues relating to Pulenuu and Alii & Faipule in the community

Coordinate Government Projects eg. Water Support Program for  Independent Water Scheme (IWS) & Commonwealth Local Governance (CLGF), Talomua, Town Area Drainage Program




"To achieve excellence in the provision of community welfare and social services for women and children (0 - 18 years)"


To actively contribute to the wellbeing of women and children (0 - 18) through networking and collaboration



  1. Identify policy issues relating to the advancement of women and the protection of children including discriminatory practices against women and girls
  2. Coordination, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of programmes for the advancement of women in line with the National Plan of Action for the Advancement of Women in Samoa 2008 - 2012
  3. Coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes for the advancement of women in line with the National Plan of Action for Children in Samoa 2008 - 2012
  4. Coordination, monitoring and support for the Village Women Representatives in line with their Performance Management System.
  5. Coordination, monitoring and reporting of the Government of Samoa's implementation of CEDAW and CRC in line with its reporting obligations with 0the two Conventions


Office of the Minister

Telephone: (685) 20854
Facsimile: (685) 23665
Email: min.mwcsd@mwcsd.gov.ws
Location: Government Building, Fourth Floor


Office of the CEO

Telephone: (685) 27752/27753
Facsimile: (685) 23639
Email: bonesemo@mwcsd.gov.ws
Location: Tooa Salamasina Community Center, Sogi



Community Centred Sustainable Development Project (CCSDP)

Common Local Governance Forum (CLGF)

Water Sector Support Programme (WaSSP)

Samoa Disability Program